I shared some verses (Ecclesiastes 3:12-13) with the students at school as we discussed toys.

They should be happy and do good while they live. I know there’s nothing better for them to do than that. 13 Everyone should eat and drink. People should be satisfied with all of their hard work. That is God’s gift to them.

Toys, either for children or adults, can keep us from vital relationships. While Solomon reminds us that He wants us to enjoy life as we work, we cannot get so caught up in the “enjoyment” that we forget the important things in life (relationships with God and people). As adults, let’s examine our toys: jobs, electronics, cars, fashion. Do these “toys” keep us from our devotion to the One who grants us these toys? Do they keep us from sincere relationships with the people God has placed into our lives?

While our toys might be able to enhance relationships . . do they?

Do we allow our children to be drawn away as well as we use video games, tablets, and headphones to babysit them?

Work hard . . . play hard . . . worship even harder!

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