Live for tomorrow

Do not put away riches for yourselves on earth. Moths and rust can destroy them. Thieves can break in and steal them. Instead, put away riches for yourselves in heaven. There, moths and rust do not destroy them. There, thieves do not break in and steal them. Your heart will be where your riches are.(Matthew 6:19-21)

One thing I have come to believe in my CHRISTian walk is that I hear God speaking more than once . . .I better adhere to His word! Now I know I should always listen, but like parenting, when it is repeated . . .well you get the message! If God wants me to hear it more than once, He wants me todo it! The message is surely for me and not everyone else! As my pastor was preaching on tithing and not tipping just yesterday (Sunday, January 19, 2014)he reminded me that all the things we have are simply junk. In fact, he also reminded me that our bright shiny new vehicles that we just love one day go to ajunk yard! That symbolic message really hit home!

While today has its unique problems of its own, I must live for tomorrow.

As I give to God (the local church, missions, those in need)I am improving the future. I am allowing my pastor to devote full-time to study, preaching, teaching, and counseling. He can concentrate on the things of the church and its people and not have to worry about where his family support is coming from. The same for giving to mission work. The missionary can devote time to study and preparation for his or her work and know the work can be performed. he does not have to labor in raising support for his family or the ministry. Giving to those in need allows the community to see God at work as well as the church Body becomes a visible hand of God! You see, as we give to God, spiritual foundations are strengthened within the Church, the family, and the community. He doesn’t need our money but when we give, we give toward the future. I can recall when I first was saved in 1993 at a small church on a hill with a few hundred members. That church now has a building which holds up to 1,500 people and a school for K-4 through 12th grade with a college on the way! My son now attends that school and my grandchildren attend the church. In fact, one has been saved and baptized at the same church and by the same pastor where I was saved and baptized!

As we give to God, a spiritual legacy can grow. Let’s live for tomorrow . . . for eternity!

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